We want you to experience the last of our wild places

Walking in an ancient forest is a transformative experience.  Life of every scale surrounds you; from the staggering sight of colossal, thousand year old trees, to the lush, complex layers of ferns and bryophytes.  Elemental forces have piled debris as high as houses, and smoothed white marble into caves and canyons.  Old growth forests inspire awe by confronting you with the power of natural forces and the beauty and diversity of life.

Sadly, after over a hundred years of logging on the coast, scarcely any of these forests remain.  On Vancouver Island, logging roads cut through to nearly every valley and mountain, and the giant trees that once filled the landscape have all but disappeared.

We want to help people experience these ancient forests before it’s too late.  By building trails, boardwalk and camping infrastructure we create opportunities for people of all ages and ability to access the beauty of old growth wilderness.

We also believe that the best way to build public support is to have people see for themselves what’s a stake.  Direct action, protests and rallies are a necessary step towards changing logging legislation, but that can’t be done without a passionate public that truly believes in the cause.

We want you to experience the last of our wild places, because we believe that it’s the crucial first step towards preserving these incredible rainforests.