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One of our big goals has always been to have a trail that goes through all of the planned cutblocks in the Walbran Valley.  While the current trail network showcases some of the best of our ancient forests, most people don’t realize that it’s almost all protected from logging.  None of the proposed cutblocks go near the trails and the trees are for the most part well within the protected parts of the special management zone.

We believe that the current trails don’t give the public an accurate sense of what will be cut, and also helps the logging companies argue that their activities won’t affect our beloved Walbran.  We’ve always wanted to have a trail that went through all the planned cutblocks so that people could see the actual flagging taped boundaries, and witness with their own eyes which trees are marked for harvest.

This past fall, our project got underway with bang!  After extensive exploratory bushwacking, a tiny grove of behemoth cedars was discovered nestled between 3 cutblocks.  The grove was on par with any of the other groves in the valley and had arguably more giants per square acre than anywhere else.  We explored the hillside looking for good trail lines and found even more giant cedars and doug firs all over the place.

After a few weeks of exploring and building, our new trail is almost ready for unveiling.  A long, challenging loop trail that will get the stoked up for big tree lovers and hikers alike.  The trail will go through some of the most striking features of this forest, while dipping in and out of the flagging boundaries.  You’ll be amazed and saddened by the size of these trees, and by the sight of the flagging tape.  The trail will also have a special extension to THE best view of the valley.  High up on a rocky outcrop, the trail overlooks the walbran, Anderson lake, the falls, and the pacific!!!!

The trail isn’t done yet, but stay tuned.  It will be ready for the spring :-).

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